Assignment 6 -Tv Viewing Habbits

Netflix is the platform with which I use ninety percent of the time to watch TV.  It is hard to consider it television when it isn’t broadcast, but streamed online, but it is still the same show no matter how you look at it.  After realizing that I didn’t want to have to try and have the TV on at the right time every week to watch a show, I began to use This website was a little slow, and from time to time had things missing, but  was generally good. I looked at the site not too long ago, and noticed that it is pretty much just a spam website now.  The frustration that I had with the time control of television, the unpredictability of surf the channel, and the unlikeliness of finding new episodes of a show that I like on hulu, lead me to Netflix. It’s only eight dollars a month, and while I’m disappointed that they don’t have “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Big Bang Theory” along with some other popular movies and Tv shows, they really have the majority of things that I’m looking for.


I probably spend about ten hours a week watching Netflix, and maybe one or two surfing my TV for some re-runs and movies on TBS.  TBS is where I watch “Friends,” “Family Guy,” and “The Big Bang Theory.”  Of the ten hours a week that I watch Netflix, nine and a half are spent watching on my laptop. The other half hour is the occasional use of my boy friends iPhone, usually when we are waiting for something and aren’t home to view it on a larger screen. So during the week I’ll watch a half hour of Netflix on an iPhone, nine and a half hours of Netflix on my laptop, and one or two hours of TBS on my television.


Image Here’s a screen cast of me watching scrubs.

I like to watch “Scrubs,” “The Office,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” on netflix, along with the occasional movie and any standup comedy by Jim Gaffigan. If you haven’t seen any of his standup, I suggest that you look into it. He is insanely funny.  

ImageI’m planning on watching Mr. Universe very soon. It is new to Netflix.

All in all, I like the accessibility of Netflix. I like being able to watch whatever show I want(for the most part), whenever I want to watch it. I like the control. I never got into shows before Netflix. I never really liked having to change my schedule around to watch TV. I have better things to do, just as I’m sure most people do. This is why everyone is a little less inclined to watch TV these days. Convenience.


3 thoughts on “Assignment 6 -Tv Viewing Habbits

  1. I also have netflix and love it but dont watch many tv shows on it, here and there when I am bored I will put on an old show on my lap top to watch for something to do but mainly I just order movies from there to put in my DVD player because I do not really care for watching tv on my lap top. I can see your point in not changing your schedule to watch TV shows. I barely ever watch TV at the time the show comes out I always record it and watch it at a later date.

  2. I use netflix all of the time, never cared for the dvds though. My favorite part about netflix is the being able to choose when I want to watch my shows, and that im not paying to watch commercials every ten minutes. Cable tv is about $60 a month or more, and you pay to see all of the commercials.

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