Bad Kids

My Grandpa Murphy was a little different from my Grandpa DiNigro. They were both great men. My grandpa Murphy was full of stories. He had such a great sense of humor. He lived in Aliquippa, PA. He would come up to visit 4-5 times a year. He always stayed at my house when he came up. He would make my mom, dad and I waffles every morning.

He always found something fun to do with us. He would take us to the park, the movies, the mall, the dollar store, the herkimer diamond mine and many other places. He was definitely way more talkative than my grandpa DiNigro. The one rule of all of my cousins and I was not to get Grandpa Murphy upset. If you were misbehaving he wouldn’t be afraid to discipline you! You did not want to feel his wrath.

Me and my cousin Brittani are pretty close because were a year apart and have pretty similar interests. Brittani and I used to go everywhere with Grandpa Murphy. We would even spend the night at each others houses. One particular night she slept over my house and we got up and went with grandpa in the afternoon after he watched The Price is Right. We had a wonderful day. We went to the movies and the the dollar store. On the way home we had apparently decided that we didn’t have quite enough fun yet. Ate the ripe ages of 10 and 11 we were feeling mischievous. To this day I don’t remember whose idea it was, but we both decided to do something pretty bold. One of us said to the other “Let’s fake being sick.” My grandpa was driving us home that night and we had been very quiet the whole time just whispering to each other and talking about what  we got at the dollar store, just examining it all very carefully. Out of no where one of us said “Grandpa, I don’t feel so good” and the other said “Me, neither.” My grandpa panicked. He says “Oh shoot, do you think you’re going to throw up?” We had each told him that we felt like we were going to throw up. He turned around really quick and parked in a parking lot.

Brittani and I had no idea what to do. We hadn’t thought that far into what would happen. We just thought it would be funny to fake being sick. Grandpa was running into the grocery store to get us Pepto Bismol, when our guilt set in. I guess we didn’t think he would take it too seriously and we felt bad that he was in a panic trying to get us not to throw up. One of us said to him before he left the car ,”We were just kidding, we aren’t really sick. Sorry grandpa.” After we said that, he was pretty furious. He yelled at us and told us never to do that again. We were pretty scared. We didn’t speak a word the whole way home. Not one of the three of us. I have never been on a more quite car ride than the one that night. I will never forget that day.


Here is is a picture of my Grandpa M. He has his arms around(from left to right) my brother, my cousin Holly, my cousin Brittani, and me) =)


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